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About the LEPC:

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), as established pursuant to Section 301 of SARA Title III, shall prepare regional hazardous materials emergency plans that indicate the facilities that use, produce, or store hazardous substances that are present in the jurisdiction. The LEPC shall serve as the repository for regional reports filed under Title III. The LEPC shall direct regional Title III implementation activities and perform associated outreach functions to increase awareness and understanding of an compliance with the Title III program. Additionally, The LEPC is the organization that has oversight of the parish all hazards plan and the disbusment and monitoring of Homeland Security grants.


2015 LEPC Meeting Dates

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2014 Emergency Communications Audit Form (Sample)

2014 Emergency Communications Audit Schedule

Emergency Classifications & GAMA Radio to Dispatch Script

LEPC Emergency Notification Procedures- Tier II Facilities



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