Richard M. Compton, Jr., Director
Ben Moran, Planner
Lance Brock, Zoning Official
Lavern Bourgeois, Building Official
Marcia Shivers, Floodplain Coordinator

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Mission Statement:

The Office of Planning and Development is charged with the duties of administering the Parish Subdivision Regulations, the Parish Development Code, assisting the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustments, and all duties and tasks required to administer the Parish's development rules, and such tasks and duties as may be assigned by the Ascension Parish President or governing authority.

Ascension Parish Unified Land Development Code Book Online

Official Zoning Map

Ascension Parish Zoning Map
(Updated on 03/03/15)
Map Changes
ORD Date Zoning ID From: To: Acres: Name: Street: Closest Cross Street
ZM09-09 18-June-09 New Map            
ZM09-10 20-August-09 2010.09 RM MU2 1.706 Henderson, Louis J. Hwy. 73 Longwood
ZM10-01 6-May-10 2076.10 RM PUD-Concept 171.42 Keystone of Galvez PUD Keystone Blvd. Hwy. 933
ZM10-02 6-May-10 2063.10 RM CC 3.767 Germany Land Dev. Hwy. 44 Hwy. 931
ZM10-03 6-May-10 2064.10 MU2 RM 1.1 Parish John Broussard Rd. Hwy. 42
ZM10-04 17-Jun-10 2075.10 RM CC 2.94 William Feazel Hwy. 431 Cannon Rd.
ZM10-05 15-Jul-10 2079.10 RM CC 6.244 Janet Michael Property Cannon Rd. Hwy. 431
ZM10-06 15-Jul-10 2080.10 RM MU 1.276 Brian Dubuc Tommy Moore Rd. Airline Hwy.
ZM10-07 19-Aug-10 2082.10 RM MU 1.25 William Ficklin Tommy Moore Rd. Airline Hwy.

USCOE Proposed Parish Sewer Boundary Map

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