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Please note that the use of YourGOV is intended for the reporting of non-emergency issues only.  If you need immediate Police or Fire response, please call 911.

Looking to make a Mosquito Spray request?  Click here.

YourGOV is an application that allows Ascension Parish Citizens to report non-emergency issues to the Parish.  YourGOV can be used via the Web or your mobile phone.  By using YourGOV, the Citizen will be able to submit an issue and track its progress from submittal to completion via the Web. Issues are brought directly into the Parish’s Work Management solution where they can be forwarded on to the responsible department. By entering in an address or selecting a location on the map, the Citizen will be able to view where in Ascension Parish their issue is located. In addition, the Citizen will be able to view issues that have been submitted by other Citizens and track their status.

Click here to access the Ascension Parish YourGOV Portal

or download the mobile app:


The list of services to report or request using YourGOV are:

  • Bridge Repair
  • Channel Tree Removal
  • Culvert Sizing
  • Expanding Driveway/New Driveway
  • Grass/Weeds in Waterway
  • Holes in Road
  • Litter
  • Obstruction of Fire Hydrants
  • Roadside Culvert Issue
  • Roadside Culvert Stopped Up with Debris
  • Sign Down/Missing
  • Sinkhole
  • Tall Grass on Roadside Ditches
  • Tree Fell Across Road
  • Tree Limbs Hanging Across Road
  • Waterway Not Draining Properly

How does YourGOV work?

*Effective August 15, 2014 Ascension Parish has upgraded to YourGov 2.0. This version provides a more modern intuitive interface and no longer requires any plugins. YourGov 2.0 also allows the citizen to log in and check the status of their request.

YourGov is a system that allows citizens to place service requests for any location within Ascension Parish using an online mapping system. When an issue is submitted it is sent directly to our operations management system. After an issue has been received it is reviewed, assigned a priority, and sent to the appropriate department.

How do I submit a request?

Click HERE to view an instructional video from Cartegraph.

Whether you are on the computer or a mobile device submitting a request to YourGov is extremely simple. Just browse to the website or launch the mobile app and click the plus button at the top. You can then enter an address or select a location, insert a picture(optional), enter a description of the issue and click submit. 

How do I keep track of my requests?

In order to keep track of your requests you will need to create an account (or login to an already existing account) on the YourGov site. To do this click sign up in the upper right hand corner of the website or click the settings button on the mobile app. Once signed in any requests you make will be linked to your account to be easily viewed. You will also receive Auto-Notifications to your email about the progress of your request.

Can I see if an issue has already been submitted?

Yes, dots on the map represent all of the submitted issues in the parish. You can also view a list of submitted issues in the left panel of the screen on the desktop version or by clicking the list button on the mobile version. The list will adjust automatically based on the portion of the map in view. If an issue does not show up here then it has not been reported.  

What Is The History Of YourGOV?

YourGOV was developed by Cartegraph, a municipal technology provider that Ascension Parish has been partnering with to assist in providing asset and work management solutions. With over 1,000 clients in North America, the YourGOV applications are widely available. For more information on Cartegraph, please visit their website.

YourGOV Questions?

Having trouble with YourGOV? Please contact the Office of Technology for Ascension Parish at 225-450-1050.

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