Bill Roux, Director

The East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District is charged with draining, reclaiming lands and providing flood protection in all areas of Ascension Parish that are east of the Mississippi River, by the construction, maintenance and operation of gravity and forced drainage facilities, including canals, ditches, pumps, levees and other related works.

Request Drainage (Off-Road Ditch/Canal) Service:

To request services for any major or minor drainage canal or off-road drainage ditch cleaning, weed control or culvert sizing questions please submit an online form CLICK HERE or call Heather Clifton at (225) 450-1003.

EA Drainage Capital Improvement Projects

The Drainage department has several projects currently underway or scheduled to begin in the next few years.  These projects are referred to as Capital Improvement Projects.  The linked document outlines the scope, budget, timeline and projected costs for each 'CIP'.

Drainage Operations Multiyear Financial Plan (2009 - 2014)

This document outlines the projected revenues and expenses for the next several years of Drainage operations.  This document was presented to the Drainage Commission in May of 2009.



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