New Web Maps are now available. These maps are part of our new ESRI GIS system.  The maps do not require plugins and can be accessed using any web browser.  They can also be accessed on the iOS platform (iphone and ipad) as well as the Android platform using the "ESRI ArcGIS app" available in the app stores.

Go here to view the new maps:

Ascension Parish GIS Department

Geographic Information Systems

The GIS Unit of Ascension Parish is proud to offer its services to help all departments of parish government as well as parish residents and the public at large. We have developed the most accurate base maps of the parish and we continually expand our database with data layers to produce dynamic maps in a variety of formats. We have developed a web based mapping system that you can use to access some of our data dynamically @

The APG GIS Unit is run by Kib Prestridge and Brian Martinez under the Direction of Brandon O'Deay, Technology Manager.

We can be contacted directly by phone at (225) 450-1053 or by e-mail. The maps on this page will help you know more about your particular area and neighborhood. As with the Links Page, these maps may be useful to students with school or other projects.

The most popular questions asked to our GIS department:

1.) What is GIS?
GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems.

2.) Can I find parcel information on-line?
Yes. Choose the General or Zoning Map and Zoom in till the property lines are viewable. Click on the property.

3.) Can I make the maps full screen?
Yes. For the Full Screen View, click on the button in the upper right corner of the maps.

4.) How do I find a certain address or street using the on-line maps?
Choose any map. In the Search Bar type in specific address or street name.

5.) Where do I get maps printed?
Contact the GIS Department at (225) 450-1053 or email Kib Prestridge

GIS LAB is located at:
9039 St. Landry Rd. Building G (Second Floor)

, La. 70737

6.) Where can I get electronic data for Ascension Parish?
Contact IT Manager: Brandon O'Deay – (225) 450-1052

7.) Can I print on-line maps?
You can Print Screen or contact the Ascension Parish GIS Department for more detailed maps.

8.)How do I pay for maps?
The GIS Department accepts only checks.
(made payable to: APG GIS DEPT.)

9.) What school district do I live in?
Choose the Schools Map and type in address.

10.) Who is my Councilman?
Choose Council District Map and type in address.

11.) Do I live in a Flood Zone?
Choose the Flood Zone Map and type in address.

12.) What is the difference between Vector & Raster?
Vector -
represents the object as a set of lines between points.
Raster - 
represents a graphic object as a pattern of dots.

13.) How often are the maps updated?
Our maps are created from databases that are updated daily.

14.) Where do you get your data?
We collect most of our data "in-house".
By using GPS devices, legal descriptions, and detail studies. Occasionally, we get data from "outside" sources.

The information contained on this page has been compiled from the most accurate source data available from Ascension Parish, including legal descriptions from property acts of transfer, aerial photographs, assessor records, survey maps, parish ordinances and an assortment of other data sets.  The information is accurate to the best of the Parish's knowledge and belief, but the accuracy is not guaranteed.  These maps are for reference purposes only and are not to be construed as a legal document or survey instrument.  Any reliance on the information contained herein is at user's own risk.  Ascension Parish assumes no responsibility for any use of the information contained herein or any loss resulting therefrom.  Any parcel data displayed is considered to be in draft form and the Property Assessor assumes no liability.  This map should not be used for survey, flood zone determinations or any other purpose for which it was not intended.

Ascension Parish Map of Current Council Districts

This map shows where the council districts are throughout the parish, and identifies which Council Member represents each one.

Ascension Parish Street Map

Map shows the major streets and highways throughout the parish.

Recreation Map
This map shows the Parks and Civic/Community Centers throughout the parish.
Elementary School Map
This map shows the Elementary Schools and Elementary School boundaries throughout the parish.
Middle School Map
This map shows the Middle schools and Middle School boundaries throughout the parish.
High School Map
This map shows the High schools and High School boundaries throughout the parish.
Floodzone Map
This map shows the floodzones throughout the parish.
Waterways Map
This map shows the waterways throughout the parish.
Prairieville Fire District Boundary Map
This map shows the Prairieville fire district boundaries.
Fire Department Map
This map shows the fire districts throughout the parish.
Fire District Map
This map shows the fire districts throughout the parish.
Lighting District Map
This map shows Lighting & Council District boundaries.
Wind Speed Map
2006 IRC / IBC Wind Speed Map 

Ascension Parish Population Figures

Parish &

Federal Census              
1990 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
58,214   62,109   64,128   66,336   68,106   70,328   71,825   73,667
Donaldsonville 7,949   8,284   8,284


8,334   8,342   8,606   8,606 (97) 8,057
Gonzales 7,208   7,827


8,205   8,312   8,444   8,565   8,565 (97) 8,648
Sorrento 1,119   1,192   1,192






1,329   1,370   1,350


Note: 1999 Ascension Parish Population figure represents a 26.55% change from 1990 and Absolute Change of 15,453.  1993-1999 Estimated figures July 1 for each year. Source:  Louisiana Tech University, Research Division, College of Administration and Business, January, 2000. Provided by Parish of Ascension, Department of Economic Development, February 3, 2000.


Total area of Ascension Parish 301.7 sq. miles   Donaldsonville 2.6 sq. miles
East Bank 241.5 sq. miles   Gonzales 7.7 sq. miles
West Bank 51.3 sq. miles   Sorrento 3.1 sq. miles
Unincorporated areas 288.3 sq. miles   Number of addresses (commercial & residential) 31,900
Incorporated areas 13.4 sq. miles   Number of parcels (commercial & residential) 45,000


For more statistical information about our parish, visit the Economic Development site.


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9039 St. Landry Road, Building G

2nd Floor

Gonzales, LA 70737

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